Entertainment February 12, 2016   |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Death Cab for Yeezy on SoundCloud is Simply the Best Mashup Ever

Death Cab for Yeezy on SoundCloud is where Deathcab for Cutie meets Kanye West. 

Dubbed “The mid-2000s collaboration album that never was”, Death Cab for Yeezy on SoundCloud is a six-track stunner of Deathcab for Cutie and Kanye West mashups with 1,061 followers.

Some of our favorite mashups from the account include the tracks “Touch the Sky//Soul Meets Body” (embedded above) and “The New Workout Plan//Title and Registration“.

Quick, have a listen before SoundCloud – known for its increasingly zero-tolerance policy for copyright infringements – throws a wet blanket over this hipster-hop party.

PS: If and when that happens, you can catch Deathcab for Cutie live in Singapore in March this year. Kanye West not included.