Ebay launches its sneaker authentication service

Ebay launches its sneaker authentication service

The new Ebay sneaker authentication service enables the platform to re-establish itself in the reselling game that has been dominated by Stockx and Goat.

The Ebay sneaker authentication service launches in October

Offered in collaboration with Sneaker Con, the Ebay sneaker authentication service helps to verify kicks valued at over US$100. This development comes weeks after Ebay announced “Authenticy Guarantee“,  a verification for luxury watches that resell for over US$2,000.

The sneaker verification process will be similar to that offered on other platforms. Here’s how it works:

  • Third-party authentication: The sneakers will be sent to an authentication center that was co-developed with Sneaker Con. Staffed with some of the top authenticators, the center will meticulously check the box, shoe and accessories to ensure they meet their comprehensive checklist based on the sneakers’ specifications.
  • Proof of authentication: Once the sneaker clears the independent authentication process, an Ebay tag will be attached to the sneaker. This will verify the completion of the inspection and solidify the sneaker’s resale value.
  • Verified return: A similar process will be carried out when returning sneakers valued at over US$100. Returns must be shipped backed to the authentication center in order to verify that the exact same sneaker is being sent back to the seller.

As to why a partnership with Sneaker Con? The sneaker convention, known for its zero-tolerance policy for the sale of fakes, has successfully incorporated a sneaker authentication service at their events. This partnership will allow Ebay to tap into Sneaker Con’s innovation and expertise where it comes to verifying the legitimacy of sneakers.

Ebay’s sneaker authentication service rolls out this month, but will only be available to transactions within the United States. The e-commerce platform plans to make the service available to all global sneaker sales over US$100 by 2021.

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All images: Ebay

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