Enter Pyongyang: A Time-Lapse Video of North Korea

Enter Pyongyang: A Time-Lapse Video of North Korea

Get a glimpse into the people and places inside North Korea’s capital through this intriguing time-lapse video.

You don’t have to be Dennis Rodman or a high-level diplomat to get an inside look at North Korea. City-branding expert JT Singh, along with flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth, have produced a time-lapse video titled Enter Pyongyang that shows life in the capital of the isolated country.

From the video, Pyongyang isn’t as dystopian as we imagine it to be. The landscape looks decent and there’s even a skate park for youths. A DHL delivery van making its rounds took us by complete surprise. The naysayers may say that everything is staged, but we doubt it. The video was meant to be observational and not a promotional piece for the North Korean regime anyway.

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Another point to note is that the producers were given full editorial control in the making of the video, as you can read in the frequently asked questions here. If time-lapse videos are your new fascination, JT Singh has also produced one detailing the city of Shanghai.

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