Facebook Introduces Gameroom and Live Streaming for Esports

Facebook Introduces Gameroom and Live Streaming for Esports

PC users will have another avenue to get their gaming fix once Facebook’s Gameroom and live streaming platforms are officially launched.


Gameroom will offer plenty of titles for the casual gamer

Gameroom by Facebook is one of the ways the social networking giant plans to win gamers over with.

Gameroom, which will be launched soon, lets users play web, mobile and native games in one dedicated Windows app.

This puts it in direct competition with Steam, a gaming platform from Valve that has over 125 million users to its name. Facebook will no doubt harness its social network’s pull to match the numbers in hopes that more game developers will be enticed to it.

Given the strong growth of esports in recent time, it’s a no-brainer that Facebook wants in on the pro-gaming action too.


Vainglory, a popular esports game that’s available on iOS and Android devices

According to Engadget, the social media platform is currently in talks with game developers Activision Blizzard and Super Evil Megacorp, which have produced esports titles like Overwatch and Vainglory respectively, to explore the idea of streaming matches on its platform.

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This could spell trouble for Twitch and YouTube, the two biggest players when it comes to esports streaming at the moment.

Facebook already has close to two billion monthly users which it can tap into, and it has live streaming capabilities that are proven to work.

Who knows, your Facebook-averse pals might soon be bugging you to join them in catching live esporting action. Stay tuned to Straatosphere to find out when this becomes official.

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