Facebook Plans to Launch Original TV Shows Too

Facebook Plans to Launch Original TV Shows Too

Looks like Facebook is also trying to tackle Netflix.


Photo: Mashable

Facebook is reportedly preparing to release a number of television-style shows this June.

According to Business Insider, the social media platform will release 24 new original series beginning mid-June. The social media’s new initiative is helmed by CollegeHumor co-founder, Ricky Van Veen who was hired by Facebook last December.

No TV show titles have been released just yet but Facebook’s original series will fall in two different paid categories: a lower tier for shorter, less expensive shows that lasts no more than five minutes, and a higher tier for big budget shows.

Additionally, the social media website will bring in a number of sports shows and games to your mobile screens. Gizmodo reports that the social network is currently in talks with the Major Baseball League (MLB) to bring baseball games to its website.

As of today, Facebook has not announced how its newly minted TV shows will be released but Business Insider speculates that they will be released via its Apple TV app.

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