There’s a Fake Nike Mag Out There That Has Power Laces

There’s a Fake Nike Mag Out There That Has Power Laces

The Nike Mag has competition and it comes in the form of a counterfeit of the original sneaker. Scarily enough, it seems to work like the real thing.


Weeks ago, Nike unveiled the Nike Mag, a self-lacing sneaker that first appeared in Back to the Future II some 30 years ago. The shoe will be sold next year as part of an auction.

But it hasn’t taken long for the counterfeit market to catch up. A video posted by Instagram user @fake_education shows a Nike Mag knockoff that seems to replicate Nike’s power laces.

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?First look at the power lacing system of the unauthorized nike mags Via @perfectkicksnet

A video posted by ❌Real VS Fake Kicks❌ (@fake_education) on

The fakes, or “unauthorized nike mags” as @fake_education puts it, may not fasten as smoothly as the legit pair that Michael J. Fox received, but it works close enough to wow the general public at least.

How reliable these bootleg sneakers with power laces are, or how much they’ll cost, remains unknown at this point. If you chance upon a pair like that, email us at


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