Behold, the Female Orgasm in Raw, Cinematic Form

Behold, the Female Orgasm in Raw, Cinematic Form

Critically acclaimed Singaporean film director, Eric Khoo, directed Okamoto’s latest ad campaign.

Titled “You’re Welcome”, the 30-second video features three women in the throes of passion. At the closing, the words “Give her more reason to thank you.” appear on the screen.

The video, filmed by acclaimed Singaporean director Eric Khoo, is part of a campaign by Japanese condom maker, Okamoto, to celebrate strong, confident women.

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Khoo himself is no stranger to the theme of sexuality; having explored it consistently in his past films such as Mee Pok Man, 12 Storeys and Be With Me, as well as the upcoming film In The Room.

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Okamoto Singapore could not confirm as to whether an extended version will be released or if Khoo will be making more videos for the campaign.

According to a press release, Okamoto is known to make some of the thinnest and softest condoms and its flagship 003 series remains a consumer favorite. It is also the number one brand of condoms in Japan.

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