Free workout apps and websites to help you get moving

Free workout apps and websites to help you get moving

Workout apps and websites to get you going, even while you’re staying at home.

free workout apps and websites covid19 stay at homeIn our latest series, Home Work, we recommend stuff that’s helping us stay healthy, gain insight, and reduce boredom. This week we’re homing in on workout apps and websites.

Welcome to the new normal, where social distancing is a must. Staying home by choice is chill, but being told to stay home isn’t. You’ll find, quite quickly, that the relaxation turns into boredom – you’re doing less and possibly eating more. To help you get into some kind of routine, here are four free workout apps and websites to try.

1. Nike Training Club
Type: App

workout apps nike training club

Nike Training Club (NTC) is a workout app that has been around for a while. The free account gives you access to a substantial number of workouts that are categorized by muscle group, workout type, (e.g., endurance, mobility and even yoga) and equipment. No access to a gym? Opt for no equipment. Got a call to do in the next hour? No problem, filter out the longer workouts and gun for something 30 minutes or under. In each video, you get a quick demo of each new move before the timer begins and it’s your turn to get to work. To get started, you’ll need a trusty pair of earphones, possibly an exercise mat, and some good workout gear (25% off the Move With Us collection, use code MOVE25, now till April 1)!

2. Adidas Training by Runtastic
Type: App

workout apps adidas training by runtastic

The Adidas Training is a workout app that offers over 180 free bodyweight exercises, which is once again ideal for a home setting with zero equipment. Workouts range from basic, intermediate to tough and are categorized by type (e.g., cardio, abs & core, lower body, upper body, etc.). Workouts on the Adidas Training app range from under 15 minutes to past 60 minutes. A thoughtful touch is the home icon next to workouts with no jumping involved, which means no disturbance to neighbors – worth looking into considering you’re not the only one staying home. There’s the option to upgrade to a Premium account at US$14.98 (S$21.39) monthly, or US$58.98 (S$84.22) for 6 months or US$69.98 (S$99.92) yearly.

3. Fitness Blender
Type: Website and youtube videos

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Fitness Blender is a website where you can access hundreds of workout videos and programs for free. You can filter workouts by difficulty, trainer, body focus and training type (e.g., yoga, low impact, plyometric, toning, barre, etc.) and equipment. You’d be pleased to know there are 416 no-equipment videos out of a total of 588 videos for the free account. Level up to the paid FB Plus account to get access to ads-free videos, progress tracker, and exclusive programs and challenges at US$11.99 (S$17.15) monthly or US$79.99 (S$114.47) yearly.

4. Madfit
Type: Videos

Madfit is a Youtube channel by Maddie Lymburner (@maddielymburner). Many of her videos are created for a home setting, perfect for these strange times we find ourselves in. Madfit videos range from 10 to 20 minutes, making them perfect if you’re looking for a quick blitz. If you more time on your hands, you could also opt to stack workouts. If you’re looking for a total lifestyle change, you can look into Maddie’s digital cookbooks, The Wholesome Eats and Always Oats, available here.

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