FREITAG Design-A-Truck Contest

FREITAG Design-A-Truck Contest

Unleash the inner artist in you by designing FREITAG’s next truck tarps, and who knows, your design could be fitted and proudly displayed on an actual truck!


Swiss-based bag and accessory maker FREITAG is known for bringing old truck tarps, seat belts and tubes back to life to create its range of durable and uniquely designed lifestyle products. But, as the number of one-truck set-ups dwindle, truck tarps become more uniform in design and consequently, more boring.

To bring creativity back to the truck tarps, FREITAG invites vector artists from all over the world to design two 40 square meter side tarps for a truck. The winning tarp will be fitted to a vehicle belonging to Swiss road haulers, PLANZER, and spend the next five years being proudly shown in an open-air, pan-European transit museum.

There are prizes to be won, and they are as follows:
1st prize: 2000 € cash and an invitation to the tarp-fitting ceremony
2nd prize: a voucher worth 1000 € for FREITAG products
3rd prize: a voucher worth 500 € for FREITAG products

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Deadline for entries is on April 30th 2015. Head over here for more submission details. Good Luck!

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