Google Acquires Moodstocks, a Sneaker and Object Scanning Company

Google Acquires Moodstocks, a Sneaker and Object Scanning Company

Moodstocks’ sneaker-scanning tech catches the attention of Google.


Moodstocks, a Parisian startup that specializes in object recognition, now belongs to Google.

An Android app created by Moodstocks was able to identify 15,000 different sneakers, by analyzing video from a smartphone camera and creating three-dimensional data about the object in question.

In simpler terms, if a user saw someone on the streets with a sneaker that they didn’t recognize, the app could identify the sneaker without the user having to go up to the person and ask.

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Beyond sneakers, the tech allows users to perform visual searches on other objects as well.

Both Moodstocks and its unique software now belong to Google and could help form the next step in the search engine’s quest to provide a more tailored user experience.

If you think this idea sounds too good to be true, think again. Here’s an example of how object recognition works:

Source: PCWorld

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