Impress Your Date with Google’s Virtual Art Tour

Impress Your Date with Google’s Virtual Art Tour

Google just made it easier for you to search art.


Photo: Engadget

Google wants to help you become a culture aficionado with its improved art search.

According to Engadget, the art search update will include museum floor plans, walking tour information, and annotations to famous artwork spotted on Street View.

Additionally, you will be shown an interactive Knowledge Panel that will present you with a range of information such as a collection of the artist’s work and information about the painting.

Currently, approximately 15,000 pieces are available on the tech titan’s virtual art tour.

To access Google’s updated art search, follow the steps below:

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  1. Open Google Maps and type in the museum of your choice.
  2. Click Street View.

The virtual tour of any museum can be accessed from a Chrome browser on any laptop or mobile device. Sources report that the update will be available to users soon.

Watch the video below for more on Google’s art search:

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