Grenson x New Balance 576GRB

Grenson x New Balance 576GRB

Blurring the line between sneakers and dress shoes, this collaboration seeks to redefine premium footwear through its superb craftsmanship.

Manufactured across both Grenson’s Northampton and New Balance’s Flimby factories, the Grenson x New Balance 576GRB offers no compromise on materials or workmanship.

Grenson’s best Italian calf-skin leather is expertly worked into the 576 pattern at Flimby, before being shipped back to Grenson for its craftsmen to apply their signature burnish and brogue details. The materials are then returned to the New Balance factory to be assembled into the final sneaker that you see.

Limited pairs of the Grenson x New Balance 576GRB will be available at Limited Edt Vault (313@Somerset) on January 23rd, with each pair retailing for S$599.

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