Guinness Ang Ji Gao Limited Edition by Ben Qwek
Eat + Drink Published: May 6, 2016 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Guinness ‘Ang Ji Gao’ Limited Edition, Available till June 2016

The Guinness Foreign Extra Singapore packaging by artist Ben Qwek traces back to both Singapore’s heritage and its own.

Guinness Foreign Extra Singapore Limited Edition Bottle and Can by Ben Qwek
Guinness Foreign Extra Singapore Limited Edition Bottle and Can by Ben Qwek

Get your bottles and cans of Guinness Foreign Extra Singapore Limited Edition before they are taken off the shelves in mid-June this year.

Designed by Singapore artist Ben Qwek, the Guinness quart bottles and cans are embellished with a pop collage of Singapore icons bound within a silhouette of the ‘Ang Ji Gao’ (red tongued dog in the Hokkien dialect).

Since the arrival of the stout to Singapore in 1869, each bottle had been marked with the importer’s stamp of quality – the red tongued dog. As “Guinness” was difficult for the locals to pronounce, the stout became known colloquially as ‘Ang Ji Gao’.

“When I was commissioned to produce this limited edition artwork, I was inspired to create a design that would represent the real Singapore as we know it. I envisioned a design that every Singaporean would identify with, and so created a scene of the things we all fondly recognize and cherish as part of our heritage and everyday lives,” said Qwek.

The limited edition cans are available at supermarkets and the bottles are available at coffeeshops till June 2016, whilst stocks last.

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