2015 April 10, 2015   |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Hiroshi Fujiwara Unveils the POOL aoyama Spring/Summer 2015 “Black”Collection

the POOL aoyama Spring/Summer 2015 collection is here but there won’t be many more to come.

As the fashion world gives in to vibrant colors this season, Fujiwara has opted for something dark and subtle for the POOL aoyama’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection that’s almost all black everything.

The number of collaborators in Fujiwara’s book is astounding and continues to grow even this season. White Mountaineering jumps on board to present an eleven piece Black Mountaineering collection; Oakley has its sunglasses reworked and we get to see familiar labels like VANQUISH and Fujiwara’s very own fragment design.

At the same time, the store has also curated the “MELANISM” exhibition to complete the range. Fujiwara’s work, while celebrating iconic Japanese aesthetics, is continually re-considered to present a unique experience with every piece.

And so it’s – for want of a better word – sad that Fujiwara made the unfortunate announcement today about the closing of the POOL aoyama store in Tokyo in April 2016. This comes as a surprise to many given that the store has only been around for a year and it very recently ventured into launching an online store, making the label available to the world.

But Fujiwara fans shouldn’t lose hope – he will be opening yet another new concept store with his existing team as well as with sacai Creative Director, Daisuke Gemma, and SOPH. and uniform experiment founder, Kiyonaga Hirofumi.