Holy Shriiimp! The Bible vol.1 (NSFW)

Holy Shriiimp! The Bible vol.1 (NSFW)

Shriiimp is the first and only website totally dedicated to posting pictures of graffiti art painted on girls. Its first book, Holy Shriiimp! The Bible vol.1, a compilation of the best works gathered from submissions by artists in the community. 

When Vince Prawns started the website Shriiimp: Graffiti on Girls in 2005, he never imagined it would take off like it did. Today, Shriiimp boasts a community of over 60,000 fans and 10,000 photos posted. So it seems timely that it has released its first book, Holy Shriiimp! The Bible vol.1, a selection of best works from some of the website’s most active graffiti artists. More information on the book here.

Images via Shriiimp Boutik

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