2014 Published: May 8, 2014 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Haikal

Home Club Presents Catch You On The Flipside!

This May 10th, make sure you go Home. Home Club celebrates its last party “Catch You on the Flipside” with select crews such as Syndicate, Darker Than Wax and Pushin’On to present non-stop quality music for 12 hours straight.


Nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen to Home Club, but as it evolves to its next stage, it will be throwing one last party “Catch You On the Flipside” this May 10th.

The party involves 12 hours of music from 4pm to 4am presented by select crews including Syndicate, Darker Than Wax, and Pushin’On.

Yadin (Good Times)
Mxndkrft (Phyla)
Tom Shellsuit (Pushin’On)
DJ Chunk (Pushin’On)
Intriguant (Syndicate)
Ming (Bassis/ HOME)
Jerls (DatDatDat/ HOME)
Kurt (We Bite)
Darren Dubwise (We Bite/ Syndicate)
William.J (Darker Than Wax)
Marco Weibel (Darker Than Wax)
Kiat (Syndicate)
Nez (+65)
Twinhed (+65)
Jaydah (Phyla)
MC Rozak (+65)

$10 beer and housepour all night
No admission fee