Humor: 10 Pranks for April Fools’ Day

Humor: 10 Pranks for April Fools’ Day

You want to play a prank on someone this April Fools’ but have no idea how to go about this. Here are 10 outrageous and hilarious pranks for inspiration.

By Chris Ong

1. The Butt of Jokes

Everyone loves a hot piece of ass. Watch what happens when guys gawk at a supposed chick’s butt clad in leggings, only to realize it’s really a guy’s tush they’ve been caught staring at.

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2. The Coca Cola “Volcano”

A fun prank to play on the kids. Watch as the pranked struggle to cope with an uncontrollably foamy bottle of Coca Cola! This one’s easy to execute but make sure it’s done in an easy-to-clean area, otherwise the joke’s on you when you have to deal with the tedious post-prank mess.

 3. Floored by a Prank

To promote their computer monitors, electronics giant LG rigged several together as flooring for an elevator, with the screens playing an animation of floor tiles falling down the elevator shaft when victims look down. Heart-stopping stuff!

4. The Human Catapult 

Trust the Japanese to come up with all sorts of crazy pranks. After a night of revelry, the poor victim goes into a deep slumber. Perfect. There’s no better way to cure a hangover than being flung out of the house, bed and all. Awesome pyrotechnic effects too.

5. When Mr. See-Thru Drives Thru

Who knew a drive thru could be so much fun? The bewildered looks on the faces of various drive thru crew as an empty car pulls up makes us happier than a Happy Meal ever could. Explore other crazy videos by the same prankster as he enters the drive thru on different occasions as a skeleton and a headless man.

6. The Singapore Scare

Time for a homegrown scare. The victim is driven in a cab to a remote and eerie part of Singapore, where the odd-behaving taxi driver limbers off into the darkness of the night. The cab starts to malfunction and a ghost appears. Classic.

7. Slender Horror

Fans of the game Slender will love this prank. This prankster dresses up as Slender Man, the game’s antagonist that pops up when you least expect him to, and spooks people walking past an alley. Stay tuned to 1:13 when a dude in a cap freaks out like a girl.

8. The 10-year Coma

Talk about a prank with a purpose. The masterminds behind this prank wanted to drive home an important message to a drunk driver and they did it the best way they could, by making the drunk man believe he got into an accident and had been in a 10-year coma.

9. Nobody by Day, “Celebrity” by Night

To expose the fame-worship and celebrity culture, the brains of this prank dressed up and took a walk down Times Square with a fake entourage and bodyguards in tow, causing many passersby to take a second look at the supposed Hollywood star. It gets cringe-worthy when some gush over this “star” when interviewed by a “TV crew”.

10. Miami Zombie

Think you’re immune to seeing zombies after sitting through four seasons of The Walking Dead? Think again. This prankster roams the streets of Miami and manages to scare the living daylights out of most people, except one. Watch till the end to see how the tables get turned.

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