Entertainment October 23, 2013   |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Humor: 15 Costume Fails

Halloween: The perfect time to don a costume and look impressive. Not for these people. Here are 15 costume fails.

Wonder where this Woman has been

Image from jobspapa.com

Not sure which is the highlight of the outfit, the lights or…¬†

Image from smiffys.com.au

Bringing “low budget” to a whole new level

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The Simpsons – From cartoon to creepy

Image from goodreads.com

A good Halloween costume foiled

Image from ugo.com

R2D2 finally reached puberty

Image from forkparty

Found: Sanitary pad used by dinosaurs

Image from ugo.com

Flour and face don’t go well together

Image from heavy.com

An exclusive look at the upcoming Transformers sequel

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Iron Man suit that never made it to production

Image from barnorama.com

They finally made Princess Leia’s buns edible

Image from dailydawdle.com

Hello Kitty just did the impossible and ate a man’s face

Image from pics22.com

Fatman to the rescue!

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Right in the childhood

Image from funnyjunk.com

The Dolphinator

Image from unionversity.com