IKEA Singapore Kills it with Another Intriguing Ad

IKEA Singapore Kills it with Another Intriguing Ad

Following a recent ad that parodied the Apple iPhone, IKEA Singapore cooks up another one that’s a spoof of ’80s horror film, The Shining.

Not long after IKEA Singapore spoofed Apple with an ad that resembled an iPhone commercial, the furniture retailing giant produced another creative piece of work, this time parodying ’80s horror film The Shining.

Set to the scene of a boy cycling through an oddly-lit Ikea showroom, the kid comes to a halt upon seeing a pair of ghostly figures, just like in the original film. Instead of the blood bath and possession that ensued in the film, this lucky kid snaps out of his imagination and realizes that the ghostly figures are in fact, his parents.

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So what was the whole point of the ad? Funnily, it was to promote late night shopping at IKEA Singapore. Rather timely too, that the ad was released this close to Halloween. Knowing that some people might really be creeped out, the company has cheekily commented on the ad to re-assure its customers:


Props to IKEA Singapore for a job well done. Perhaps next year, you can turn your showroom into a full-fledged haunted house.

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