InkHunter Lets You Preview Tattoo Designs on Your Skin

InkHunter Lets You Preview Tattoo Designs on Your Skin

Pick a design and let InkHunter show you how it’ll look like on your body.

The InkHunter app lets you visualize how a tattoo will look like on your skin, before you actually get inked.

Getting a tattoo can be a tedious process. Much time is spent choosing a design, finding a suitable body part to have the design inked on, and choosing the right tattoo artist to go to. As tattoos go, there’s little room for error.

Using augmented reality, the InkHunter app lets you check out how a potential tattoo will look like on your body, without having to apply a stencil. Simply pick one of the pre-loaded designs or upload one of your own, and use your smartphone camera to focus on the area of your body where you’d like the ink to appear.

The preview will show up on the smartphone display; size, color and positioning can be adjusted. The app even lets you take a snapshot of your “inked” skin and share it on social media.

InkHunter is available for free on iOS, with Android and Windows Phone versions set to roll out shortly.

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