Art & Design Published: December 29, 2016 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

This Artist Gives InstaCollages a Whole New Meaning

Digital artist Stephen Mcmennamy has a knack for combining two pictures to make creative InstaCollages.

Artist Stephen Mcmennamy gives everyday objects a whole new look with his creative InstaCollages.

Mcmennamy turns mundane, everyday objects into surrealist artworks. The pictures look deceptively photoshopped, but are created using simple, photography apps available online.

There’s apparently no boundaries for the artist when creating his art collages. He combines just about anything, from professional aerial shots of landmarks to everyday pictures of his daughters.

Check out some of his collages below:

Brooklyn Bridge + Guitar:

Apricot + A back:

Paintbrush + Spaghetti:

Cauliflower + Poodle:

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cauliflower + poodle. while working in San Francisco last week, I managed to capture this #combophoto on the fly. pretty spontaneous stuff and it went down a little something like this: spotted a herd of standard poodles (3=herd)… asked for a photo while my subject took a tennis balls break (she, and her walker, said yes, but I made a crucial mistake and forgot to get names)… quickly took to the pavement and made a beeline to the nearest market (@mollie_stones)… secured some quality cauliflower… dismantled cauliflower… shot a bunch of cauliflower test subjects… found a match… (take a breath) and here's where I netted out. I actually got sweaty making this one. hills, people. thanks San Francisco mystery poodle and sorry cauliflower. #🐩 almost forgot… shot on the #iPhone (#iPhone6)

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Despite having a pretty big cult following, Mcmennamy admits that he does have trouble creating some of his artworks, sometimes spending weeks laboring, planning, practicing and executing his ideas. He even created a separate Instagram page for some of his art fails.

See the rest of Mcmennamy’s work here

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