Instagram Hires Eva Chen, Moves into Fashion e-Commerce

Instagram Hires Eva Chen, Moves into Fashion e-Commerce

The hiring of social media guru and former editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, paves the way for Instagram to move into fashion partnerships and e-commerce for its millions of users.

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, a move that bewildered many at first, is starting to make more sense with the recent hiring of former Lucky magazine’s editor-in-chief Eva Chen. Coming on board as Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnerships, Chen, who has over 396,000 followers on the photo and video sharing platform, will tap on her expertise in fashion and trends to excel at the new job. According to a spokesperson from Instagram, “Eva understands all sides of the fashion community – from the craft of couture to street style, style icons to aspiring models, and storied fashion houses to emerging designers.” Many of Chen’s Instagram posts depict a range of fashion products that run the gamut, which leaves little surprise as to why she was chosen to join the team.


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Keeping in mind Instagram’s recent ad integration and move towards e-commerce, Chen’s new role in the company could set things in motion, allowing brands to promote their products on the platform’s estimated 300 million monthly users. That’s a really huge market to be tapped, and we probably won’t have to wait long to see what changes there will be in our feed.

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