Instagram’s New Feature Just Made Square Format Apps Irrelevant

Instagram’s New Feature Just Made Square Format Apps Irrelevant

With Instagram’s latest update, users won’t have to resort to using third-party apps to fit their photos and videos into a square format anymore.


Image via Instagram

For the longest time, users of photo and video sharing app Instagram had to crop their existing photos prior to posting them, which often compromised on details or left out part of the subject, or use square-ready apps to adjust the photos into the square format.

Those days are finally over, with the latest update to the app. Now, users can share photos and videos in both portrait or landscape orientation just by tapping on the format icon. Profile grids will still retain that clean look and feel, as posts will appear as a center-cropped square.

Also, what was once separate filters for photos and videos have now become similar across both formats. Just like for photos, the intensity of filters for videos can also be adjusted. How’s that for an update?

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Source: Instagram blog

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