“Ip Man 3” Stars Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson and a CGI Bruce Lee

“Ip Man 3” Stars Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson and a CGI Bruce Lee

You’ve seen Ip Man lay the smackdown on numerous fighters with his spectacular Wing Chun martial arts skills. But how will he fare against a boxer like “Iron” Mike Tyson?


Just when we thought we’d seen the best of Ip Man, he returns to the silver screen in this upcoming sequel and final chapter to the trilogy, slated for release this Christmas.

The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much, but we know that Ip Man will face off against a Western fighter, played by retired real-life boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson. The size difference is apparent, and though this will be no walk in the park for Ip Man, we’re pretty sure the audience will enjoy the fight choreography nonetheless

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According to Twitch Film, a CGI version of the late Bruce Lee will also be appearing in this film. Ludicrous? Not quite, as this ad from 2013 shows a life-like version of Lee gazing at modern-day Hong Kong.

Watch the teaser for Ip Man: The Legend Resumes right here and keep a look out the full trailer coming soon:

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