JBF Customs to Produce His Own Sneakers, Says “I Couldn’t Care Less About Keyboard Critics.”

JBF Customs to Produce His Own Sneakers, Says “I Couldn’t Care Less About Keyboard Critics.”

Already known for his intricately customized sneakers, JBF Customs has taken it to another level with the creation of his very own sneaker silhouettes. We find out more.


This fine-looking prototype was made with pieces of scrap leather lying around

Jacob Ferrato, the designer behind JBF Customs, is a well-known name in the world of sneaker customization, whose work has turned heads with the level of detail and choice of exquisite materials. Remember those coveted Python Air Jordan 1 “Bred” shoes?

Beginning this year, Ferrato has gone a step further, embarking on the journey of designing and producing his own sneaker silhouettes. You could say JBF Customs has leveled up. Ferrato teased his latest development on Instagram a little over a week back, showing the initial sketches and several prototypes. We speak to him to find out more about his new plans.

We heard that you will be releasing your own sneaker silhouette. How long has this been in the pipeline?
Making my own sneaker is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time since my elementary school days. I’ve been thinking about it for years, and have finally been able to bring them to fruition over the past eight to 12 months.

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When we last spoke to you a year ago, you said that “it’s a hell of a process to bring sneaker silhouettes to fruition”. How have you brought yourself to the stage where you can now proudly announce that you will have your own sneaker silhouettes?
I just try to make progress everyday.

You mentioned that “my skills are finally catching up to my ambition”. What skills are necessary to produce your own sneaker?
I read one time that shoe-making is like a 237 steps process. I’m not one to count so I don’t know how accurate that is, but there are all sorts of skills involved for sure. Sewing, skiving (reducing the thickness of leather), and lasting are three very important ones.

Did you have to visit a shoe-making factory or learn from a shoe-maker?
I’m mostly self taught, but I recently spent a week with a master shoemaker.

We see hints of the Air Jordan 1 in your prototype. Did you take inspiration from other silhouettes in your designs?
Yes, of course. I haven’t lived in a vacuum my entire life, so naturally I have been influenced by past designs.


There’s also something for sneakerheads who prefer low tops

Will you be creating several silhouettes for customers to choose from, or will they be loosely based on the high and low tops that we saw on your Instagram?
You’ll be able to choose from my silhouettes or design your own based on a Margom sole.

Given that your customized sneakers usually have a limited run, will the same apply to your sneaker silhouettes?
They will be exclusive out of necessity, reason being I can only make so many pairs. But I don’t know exactly how that all that will work right now.

There were many comments on the web after you made the announcement last week. What’s your response to the critics?
I haven’t read them, but I couldn’t care less about keyboard critics. I have too many great supporters to pay that nonsense any mind.

Hypothetically, what would you say to a sneaker brand if they want to get you on board to design their sneakers?
Hard to say… I’d probably just demand an absurd amount of money and see what happens.

Besides working on sneakers, what else do you have going on this year?
Just chilling really, and traveling as much as I can.

Be sure to follow Jacob Ferrato (@JBFcustoms) on social media to stay up to date with whatever he’s working on.

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