Jeff Koons’ Snapchat Project Lets You See Art All Around You

Jeff Koons’ Snapchat Project Lets You See Art All Around You

There’s no need for museum dates with Snapchat’s virtual Jeff Koons art project.

Featured image: The Verge 


American pop culture artist Jeff Koons is working on a virtual art project with Snapchat titled “Art All Around You”. It goes live October 4, 2017.

Modeled after “Pokemon Go”, the art project will use augmented reality to feature art installations around the world. According to Tech Crunch, users will be able to view the virtual installations on their phones.

However, unlike Pokemon Go, the virtual art pieces can be viewed in iconic tourist locations such as Central Park in New York and the Sydney Opera House (image below).

Screenshot of Snapchat and Jeff Koons’ latest art project

Based on the screenshots available, it looks like the art project will feature a number of Koons’ iconic “Balloon Animals” and even Popeye (image below).

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More excitingly, Tech Crunch notes Snapchat is inviting artists to submit their art to its platform. Those interested in submitting should follow Snapchat’s guidelines here. Submissions will begin after the launch of “Art All Around You”.

It is unclear how long the project will run on Snapchat.

While you await the go-live date, check out the countdown to Snapchat’s “Art All Around You” project here.

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