Peel Off The Layers Behind Jin Hackman’s Latest Track “Banana”

Peel Off The Layers Behind Jin Hackman’s Latest Track “Banana”

Malaysian rapper Jin Hackman has a newly-released track, “Banana”, and despite the trivial-sounding name, the last thing you can expect on it are mindless lyrics.


Image via Jin Hackman (Facebook)

Malaysian rapper and hip hop artist, Jin Hackman (real name Tang Eu-Jin), releases his latest track, “Banana”. A lyrical take on language barriers and appearance misconceptions (“yellow on the outside, white on the inside”), “Banana” is three minutes worth of trippy tunes with a dash of Cantonese thrown in for good measure.

Known for his yearly rap ups, Jin has been lauded for his work in the hip hop scene since he embarked on this career in 2009. He’s also put together Raising the Bar, a monthly showcase where aspiring and seasoned rap artists can perform and be recognized. A strong believer in freedom of speech and expression in rap music, listeners can comprehend the underlying meanings behind his work as they “peel” off the layers in his tracks.

Listen to “Banana” here, and keep a lookout for the accompanying video due this April.

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