A Second Kaws x Supreme Collab in the Works or Just a Glitch?

A Second Kaws x Supreme Collab in the Works or Just a Glitch?

According to the Internet, there might be a Kaws x Supreme collab in the works.

Featured photo: Tee Public/Imgur

Screenshot of Supreme’s box logo on Kaws’ website

Rumors of a second Kaws x Supreme collab surfaced after Supreme’s box logo was seen on Kaws’ website.

First to notice was Instagram user @supreme_leaks_news, who published an Instagram post about the potential Kaws x Supreme collab on September 11.

The accompanying caption reads: “Could a Supreme x Kaws collab be coming this season? Today, the Supreme logo appeared on the Kaws site under his collections section (swipe to see photo). What do you think? Just a glitch? or is a collab coming soon?”.

A quick look shows that the ‘collections’ page on Kaws website has been removed (image below).

Screenshot of the ‘collections’ page on Kaws’ website shows that the Supreme logos have been removed

Less optimistic Twitter users speculate that the Supreme logo appeared on the website due to a glitch. Other commenters says it’s too coincidental for a glitch.

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If the rumors are true, this will be Kaws’ second collaboration with Supreme. The duo’s first collab was released in February 2011.

Both Kaws and Supreme have yet to address the rumors, so we won’t rule out the possibility just yet!

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