Upcoming Kith x Diamond Supply Co. Collaboration: Hit or Miss?

Upcoming Kith x Diamond Supply Co. Collaboration: Hit or Miss?

A surprising collaboration between two influential streetwear brands, KITH and Diamond Supply Co. is on its way.


KITH has confirmed with Complex that people can look forward to a collaboration between his wildly popular brand and another streetwear titan, Diamond Supply Co., after a teaser was posted on KITH’s Twitter displaying the names of both brands on a billboard in LA. Rumor has it that the collab revolves around an ASICS Tiger Gel Lyte V, but we can’t say for sure.

What we do know for a fact is that Fieg has consistently outdone himself with each collaboration, not only in terms of the products he rolls out, but also in the way each piece tells an interesting story, which is communicated across mediums including well conceived lookbooks and pop-up stores.

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Apart from renowned footwear collaborations, Fieg has previously teamed up with contemporary streetwear labels Aime Leon Dore and Stampd LA for KITH’s clothing line.

Wheatpaste board in Manhattan

KITH x Diamond Supply Co. wheatpaste board in Manhattan

We believe the upcoming collection will feature Diamond’s iconic “Tiffany” colorway – the greatest indication being the repetitive use of the color on a wheatpaste board in Manhattan. And of course, it is the Tiffany colorway that turned the world upside down in 2005 when it was first featured on the Nike SB Dunk Low, one of the most sought after sneakers to date.

While anticipation is high amongst most fans, some have tweeted their lack of confidence in this collab probably due to the difference in aesthetics between both brands. But what do you think? Tell us in comments below.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the social media pages of KITH, Fieg and Diamond Supply for upcoming teasers and info.

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