Kitsuné Parisien Tour Comes to Asia, 17 March – 2 April

Kitsuné Parisien Tour Comes to Asia, 17 March – 2 April

Kitsuné Parisien Tour will be stopping by various destinations around Asia. Read on to find out if the Tour is coming to your city. 

Kitsuné Parisien Tour: First stop, Singapore

Image via Kitsuné on Facebook

Kitsuné Parisien Tour comes to Asia for the second time. Its first stop, happening March 17th, will be Singapore. This is followed by Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

The Singapore leg sees the Tour throwing an exclusive, RSVP-only in-store party at Manifesto. However, all are welcome to attend the post-event party held at Canvas featuring Jerry Bouthier (Kitsuné, UK) on the decks.

Like the Singapore leg, all other stops in the Asia Tour will include an in-store cocktail hosted by a selected Maison Kitsuné retailer, followed by an exclusive Kitsuné Club Night episode. Check out the full rundown of the Kitsuné Parisien Tour Asia itinerary here.

To commemorate the Tour, Kitsuné will release a capsule collection inspired by the Parisian lifestyle. Pieces include sweatshirts, tee-shirts, tote bags, a dress and a baseball cap. The collection will be available in all of the Tour’s retailers, in Maison Kitsuné boutiques and its online shop.

The Kitsuné Parisien Tour to Asia runs from March 17th to April 2nd.

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