@krxone redesigns classic sneakers into work-from-home footwear

@krxone redesigns classic sneakers into work-from-home footwear

@krxone reimagines iconic Nike kicks as quarantine ready sneakers.

quarantine ready sneakers @krxone Air Max 95 Just Stay Home

Through these posts, @krxone reminds sneakerheads to do their part and “Just Stay Home”.

Everyone has a role to play in battling the spread of Covid-19. By staying at home and avoiding human contact, we can collectively help to flatten the curve. Here in Singapore, we have our Circuit Breaker measures and have been given clear orders to stay at home as much as possible. @krxone’s recent project, titled the “Home” Series sees Nike footwear redesigned as quarantine ready sneakers.

Over a series of four posts, @krxone turns four of the most recognizable Nike silhouettes into house slippers. Shown through the lens of an on-feet shot, we get to see his reimagined Air Force 1, Air Max 97, Mowabb and Air Trainer 1. Panels are removed from the uppers, altering them for the WFH life. Paired with cushy cotton socks and baggy sweats, these quarantine inspired kicks are familiar and yet worn in ways we haven’t seen – till now, that is.

So, to all the sneakerheads out there, please stay at home. The more effectively we quarantine ourselves, the sooner we can put on some shoes and do things outside of the house.

What has been the toughest part of your quarantine? Share your thoughts in the comment section.  

All images: @krxone

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