The New Leica Sofort Camera Takes Instant Photos
Tech Published: September 14, 2016 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Leica Enters the Instant Photography Game

Like a polaroid camera, but from Leica.


A leak in LFI Magazine‘s October issue offers a peek at the Leica Sofort instant camera.

Featuring a compact body and three color choices, the Sofort uses an Auto-Hektor lens and an optical viewfinder. There are buttons to control flash, special shooting modes and even a countdown timer.

Leica will be making its own color and monochrome film packs with warm white picture frames for the signature Leica look, but the camera will be compatible with Fujifilm’s Instax mini film too.

Set to retail for US$310, the Leica Sofort will be released sometime this November.

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