Trade your old denim in at Levi’s for a S$30 discount

Trade your old denim in at Levi’s for a S$30 discount

Old is gold. Part of Levi’s new green initiatives in Singapore is a trade-in program that accepts your worn jeans in return for a S$30 discount.

Levi’s Green Initiatives In Singapore: Trade-ins And Better Denim

Denim is a staple in any wardrobe, whether it’s in the form of jeans or jackets, we probably have a few Levi’s pieces in our rotation. The ecological cost of making denim, however, is rather high — a single pair of jeans requires over 2,900 gallons of water to manufacture. Plus the dying process itself releases a lot of pollutants into surrounding bodies of water. In an attempt to reduce its impact, Levi’s has launched some green initiatives across its Singapore stores. Here’s an overview.

Swap old for new

Levi’s Green Initiatives In Singapore: Trade-ins And Better Denim

From now till May 16, head to select Levi’s stores and swap any of your old jeans or denim jackets (doesn’t have to be Levi’s branded) for a S$30 discount off a new pair. Participating Levi’s stores will have a denim donation box for the collection of your old jeans, which will either be upcycled or given to select donation initiatives. Note that the denim you donate has to be in clean and good condition. Other terms and conditions apply, please enquire within the store.

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Introducing the Cool Eco-Performance line

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Levi’s new Cool Eco-Performance line is made with lightweight denim that has moisture-wicking technology and will keep you cool in our warm weather. According to the brand, Cool Eco-Performance is made of sustainably sourced fiber.

This Earth Day, the brand also released a campaign video starring youth voices and activists Jaden Smith, Xiye Bastida, Melati Wijsen, Xiuhtezcatl, Emma Chamberlain and Marcus Rashford MBE, who each lent their voice to help create awareness about critical environmental issues while echoing the brand’s stance: “Buy Better, Wear Longer”.

No more paper bags

Levi’s Green Initiatives In Singapore: Trade-ins And Better Denim

As a part of their green initiatives, Levi’s will no longer be handing out paper bags with every purchase. In its place, opt for a reusable cotton tote (S$4.90 with any Levi’s purchase), pay S$0.10 for a paper bag, or better yet, bring your own bag.

Follow @Levis_Singapore for more updates on their sustainable initiatives and updates on upcoming eco-conscious collections.

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