Michael Jordan Finds a Permanent Home at Limited Edt Ballpark, Singapore

Michael Jordan Finds a Permanent Home at Limited Edt Ballpark, Singapore

To commemorate the opening of the Limited Edt Ballpark, Limited Edt also unveiled a life-size sculpture of an artist’s impression of Michael Jordan.

Last Friday, December 19th, sneaker retailer, Limited Edt, unveiled its latest store, Limited Edt Ballpark at 313@Somerset (#04-06/07). This is the chain’s ninth store in Singapore, and its third store on the fourth floor of 313@Somerset.

To commemorate the opening of the basketball themed store, Limited Edt also unveiled a life-size sculpture of an artist’s impression of Michael Jordan. Titled Full Metal Twenty Three, the sculpture, conceived and created by Jahan Loh, weighs in at a hefty 150kg and took six months to complete.

On his decision to commission Jahan, owner of Limited Edt, Mandeep Chopra, said, “In the Singapore context I could only think of him and was so glad when he took to the idea with great gusto. We worked on some projects before and we are both delighted with the results of his amazing work.”

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Just as ancient Greece lauded its athletes by erecting life-size statues made in their likeness, Jahan saw the sculpture as the perfect opportunity to celebrate Jordan’s sporting achievements and his influence on a generation of athletes and sneakerheads.

Aside from a supply of all the latest in basketball kicks and needs, a highlight of the Limited Edt Ballpark is its VIP digital console. Accessible only by LE’s VIPs, the digital console serves as a digital catalog of the shoes available in-store and the limited edition stuff exclusive only to VIPs. While its full range of functions haven’t been fully explored yet, the console has the potential to be a nifty media for display and promotions. The possibilities it offers, it seems, are endless.

Limited Edt Ballpark is located at 313@Somerset, #04-06/07

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