LINE to Launch Video Call and Other Features

LINE to Launch Video Call and Other Features

LINE, which has 230 million registered users worldwide, announced today that it will be rolling out new features and services including video call, LINE Music, LINE Web Store, and more.

Here’s more information about each feature:

Video Call: To be launched globally in Fall 2013

Line Video Call

LINE will be adopting a new Video Call feature in addition to its voice call and messaging functions. Users can enjoy free video calls on supported devices (iPhone, Android and Windows and Mac PCs) and have face-to-face conversations with their distant lovers, family, and friends at any time. 

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LINE Music: To be launched in Japan in 2013 (and progressively to other countries)

Line Music

“LINE MUSIC” is a music streaming service that enables users to purchase music of all genres within the LINE app, including J-pop, K-pop, and of course Western music. Songs purchased through LINE MUSIC can be shared with the user’s LINE friends, proposing a brand new way to enjoy music that is only possible through LINE. This service will be launched first in Japan, with a global rollout following shortly.

LINE Mall:  To be launched in Japan in Fall 2013 (and progressively to other countries)

LINE Mall (2)

“LINE MALL” is an e-commerce (electronic commerce) service optimized for the smartphone. It has been structured so all actions can be performed efficiently within the app itself. LINE MALL will deliver a revolutionary shopping experience, in which anybody can buy and sell anytime or anywhere as long as they have a smartphone.

LINE Web Stores: To be launched in Japan & Taiwan in September 2013 (and progressively to other countries)

Line Webstore

“LINE Web Store” is an online store in which users can purchase paid LINE stickers and LINE GAME items from the web browsers on their computers or smartphones. Usability and convenience will be improved by offering users a variety of payment options besides App Store and Google Play transaction systems, such as credit cards, PayPal, carrier billing, electronic money, and more. The Web Store will be offered first in Japan and Taiwan, followed by a gradual introduction into other countries.
*Payment options available will differ by country.

LINE prepaid cards will be available in approximately 36,500 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and Lawson convenience stores nationwide from September 30, October 1, and October 15 respectively.

New LINE Games: To be launched from Fall 2013



For more information, visit LINE

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