Living Shelter Makes Improvements to its Design

Living Shelter Makes Improvements to its Design

With a Living Shelter prototype now on display at the Architecture Biennale 2016, the team behind the temporary housing solution for natural disaster victims hopes to raise funds to create an improved version.


Living Shelter, a flat-pack capsule that deploys into a shelter, is set for an upgrade before it reaches the production stage.

Besides optimizing the structure and adjusting the overall height, there are plans to revise the design of the shelter’s portable furniture.

This will be done via 3D printing technology and the usage of lightweight composite materials.

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The new designs require US$5,000 to produce. Part of the sum will also go into a sharing session with the community to spread the word about Living Shelter.

Backers can pledge a minimum of US$10 to bring the shelter to fruition. The project will run for the next two months.

To make a contribution or find out more, visit the crowdfunding page here.

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