Machine Mouth: The Book and Art of Clogtwo

Machine Mouth: The Book and Art of Clogtwo

Recap: Graffiti artist Clogtwo held his first solo exhibition titled Machine Mouth from May 3rd to 5th.  The event doubled as a launch of his book of the same name. The solo exhibition was 5 years in the making. 

By Haikal Abu Bakar
Photos by Marc Tan

After five years of aerosol, sweat and tears, Clogtwo finally launched a solo exhibition titled Machine Mouth (3-5 May) and a book of the same name. The exhibition was well received and opening night was packed with artists, family and friends.

Machine mouth is a metaphoric name derived from the scientific underground experiment. Engineered by a group of scientists in search of the GOD Particle – a singular particle that will prove the theory of the Big Bang; the birth of our universe. The process of obtaining this unstable atom requires the splitting of molecules, and in the event it reacts with other matter, it will create a catastrophic explosion on earth, imploding the whole universe into a black hole, resulting in a whole new galaxy. This scientific experiment of mankind acting as God, recreating life out of curiosity has it’s limits from where man and God stand.

Works from the exhibition are available for purchase, visit MACHINEMOUTH webstore.
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