Madonna Made Out with Drake… and He Hated it

Madonna Made Out with Drake… and He Hated it

Madonna gave the world plenty to talk about during her performance at Coachella, even landing a kiss on Drake, whose reaction was priceless to say the least.

madonna kissed drake

The much-anticipated Coachella music festival kicked off last weekend and, Madonna, the once-reigning Queen of Pop, stole the show by planting a kiss on Drake during her performance. She even shared a photo of their kiss on her Instagram with the hashtags #bestnight #bigasmadonna and #bitchimmadonna.

Did Drake enjoy the moment though? Doesn’t seem so. A closer look at Drake’s reaction in the aftermath of the kiss shows the rapper wiping his mouth, seemingly in disgust.

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It appears that Madonna’s recent attempts at being controversial have backfired. In February this year, she took a tumble at the Brit Awards 2015 and now, there’s this awkward kiss with Drake. Looks like Madonna is in need of new tricks.

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