Magic, a Text-Based Concierge Service that’s a Lazy Person’s Dream Come True

Magic, a Text-Based Concierge Service that’s a Lazy Person’s Dream Come True

Can’t afford a personal concierge? Magic, a no-frills, text-based concierge service might be the next best thing to getting what you want without having to leave the house.

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Concierge services come at a hefty cost and are usually reserved for the rich and the famous. But what if you could have such a service literally at your fingertips and pay only when you use it? That’s the premise offered by Magic, a United States-based start-up that offers a 24/7 concierge service, delivering the needs of its clients as long as it’s nothing illegal.

Magic works by taking in requests sent by text to 408-217-1721. The Magic operators work round the clock and will ask follow up questions based on the request. Once they have a clear picture of what the client wants, the operators will then set a fee, inclusive of tips, to fulfill the request. These text exchanges are free, by the way. Agree to the fee and Magic will securely deduct the money via credit card.

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How the products and services get delivered is entirely up to the operator’s discretion. For instance, airplane tickets can be purchased online and sent via email, while physical goods will have to go through a chargeable third-party delivery service. The beauty in Magic comes from the fact that it’s fuss-free, time-efficient and makes you feel like a total boss. The downside? It’s only available in the States, but we could see this sort of concierge service taking off in other countries as well. If you happen to be in USA right now, give it a try today!

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