Man Buns are Deviant, According to This University 

Man Buns are Deviant, According to This University 

Students who’ve gone against the grain and kept a man bun will soon have to remove them, according to a new ruling at Brigham Young University.


Man buns have been around for a while, but one school is bent on keeping the hairstyle at bay. Students at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Idaho have been told to get rid of their man buns, or risk disciplinary action.

“We would consider the ‘man bun’ to be an extreme lifestyle. It’s just something that deviates from the norm,” Tyler Barton, the university’s Student Honor Administrator, told Scroll.

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According to Kevin Miyasaki, Vice-President for Student Services & Activities at BYU, hair should be “clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles or colors and trimmed above the collar leaving the ear uncovered”.

This isn’t the first time BYU has intervened in its students’ appearance. Last year, students were reprimanded for having “pants that did not make it down to the ankle” and “faces of young men not clean-shaven”.

Source: Dazed

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