Mastermind Japan x Reebok Ventilator and LX8500

Mastermind Japan x Reebok Ventilator and LX8500

Mastermind Japan’s first collaboration with Reebok back in July worked the Instapump Fury to great effect. This followup comes in two classic Reebok silhouettes.

First up is the Ventilator, which commemorates its 25th anniversary with a slew of collaborations this year. Mastermind Japan gives it a simple, back-and-white color scheme, and adds its signature skull and crossbones to the heel. The uppers are a mix of leather and mesh underlays, with the insoles featuring logos from both brands.

Next is the LX8500, a sneaker from the ’80s that’s no less sharp-looking than the Ventilator. Mastermind tricks out this one with the same color scheme and insignia, but with full leather uppers for a more premium look and feel.

The Mastermind x Reebok Ventilator and LX8500 retail for S$199 and S$239 respectively and are set to hit Limited Edt stores on September 10th.

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