Memorable Moments from the MTV VMAs 2015

Memorable Moments from the MTV VMAs 2015

Tears were shed, a wardrobe malfunctioned and even an infamous personality decided to run for presidency. All this and more at the MTV Video Music Awards 2015.

Feuds started and ended

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They’ve had beef previously, but Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift seemed to have buried the hatchet, as they opened the MTV VMAs together and sang – ironically – “Bad Blood”. For now, it seems water is under the bridge – for these two at least.


Unfortunately, Minaj has shifted her focus on VMAs host, Miley Cyrus. While giving her acceptance speech for Best Hip-Hop Video, Minaj made some disparaging remarks towards Cyrus, prompting the latter to respond accordingly to a displeased Minaj.

Miley Cyrus had a wardrobe malfunction…

It was a long night for Cyrus. Besides having to contend with Minaj’s comments, she had numerous costume changes throughout the night and faced the possibility that a wardrobe malfunction would happen.

And it did. Cyrus let the nip slip during a backstage segment, but quickly recovered and closed the show with a live performance.

…She even dropped her next album for free

Yup, mileycyrusandherdeadpets will be available online for free, though the site’s down for now. How’s that for giving back?

The Biebs shedded some tears

Justin Bieber made his return to the VMAs after several years of absence, performing “Where Are You Now” and “What Do You Mean” to the crowd’s delight.

It got a little too emotional for Bieber towards the end of his set, so he bent over and wept.

Kanye West to run for President

Besides stealing the show with his Yeezy Boost 350 in a tan colorway, Kanye West declared that he would run for President in 2020. Whether he’s serious or not is up for debate; regardless, the announcement has sent the Internet in a tizzy.

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