Step Into the World of Tiny Living with Minimalist MUJI Huts

Step Into the World of Tiny Living with Minimalist MUJI Huts

And it will only cost you ¥3,000,000 (approx. S$37,567.50).

The MUJI Hut is a cleverly designed tiny house, made for minimalist and brandless furniture lovers.

According to Asia One, the newly released MUJI huts were first unveiled as prototypes in 2015. Since then the prototypes have been reworked after receiving feedback from customers.

The new MUJI Hut boasts a range of features including a shed roof, deep porch, sliding glass windows, plywood interiors, and a charred cedar exterior – all housed in a nine square meter hut. Unfortunately, the tiny houses will not come with a bathroom.

Another dampener to MUJI’s latest minimalist huts is the fact that these tiny houses are not portable.

Source: Muji

This isn’t MUJI’s first foray into architecture. The Japanese lifestyle brand previously unveiled its plans for a Window House in 2016, as well as a Vertical House in 2015.

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Unlike the newly released MUJI huts, both the Window House and the Vertical House are multiple stories high.

Currently, the MUJI huts will only be available in Japan. There is no word on whether the brand will be interested in selling them overseas.

Additionally, Rocketnews24 reports that those living in Japan can inspect the huts at the Shirahama School House. Inspections will be available every day from Saturday, April 29 to Sunday, May 7, at 10am, 1pm, and 3pm. Please note that only 10 groups of four people will be available to view the huts during each timeslot.

Those interested can fill out the hut inspection application here.

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