More to Nadia Rahmat, the “Marc Jacobs Girl”

More to Nadia Rahmat, the “Marc Jacobs Girl”

Apart from the fact that she is the “Marc Jacobs Girl”, what else do you know about Nadia Rahmat? In STRAATOSPHERE Vol. 3, we go beneath her good looks and suss out her personality.


Photo: Matin Latif; Styling: Tira Lee; Makeup: Sha Shamsi | Top: 10 Crosby Derek Lam @ Club21b; Overshirt: BAPE; Bottoms: Exhibit; Shoes: Toga Pull @ Club21b.

Earlier this year, Marc by Marc Jacobs (MBMJ) ran the #CastMeMarc social media campaign, which encouraged people to post pictures of themselves on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to star in MBMJ’s rave-themed Spring 2015 campaign. Out of hundreds and thousands of submissions, Singaporean Nadia Rahmat was one of the 11 model hopefuls to be selected.

The news made headlines all over Singapore – fashion magazines, dailies; everyone wanted a piece of Nadia, and so they did. Every story that ran was about Nadia, the “Marc Jacobs Girl”.

When we met Nadia, her humility and quiet confidence struck us. When asked if she was experiencing Campaign Girl Fatigue, she said, “I’m fine with interviews and with people calling me Marc Jacobs Girl, but it gets stale if the questions are always the same angle. That’s what I’m tired of. I’m not tired of being the Marc Jacobs Girl.”

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We realized there was more to Nadia than met the eye, and so we made it our mission to find out what makes her tick. For the full interview, purchase your copy of STRAATOSPHERE Vol. 3, now available on Seamless.

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