NBA 2K16 is Maxing Out Stephen Curry’s In-Game Rating

NBA 2K16 is Maxing Out Stephen Curry’s In-Game Rating

Following Stephen Curry’s unanimous ascension to his second MVP title, NBA 2K16 decided to celebrate the moment with a temporary in-game tweak.

For 30 hours only, Stephen Curry’s NBA 2K16 counterpart will be blessed with the same shooting accuracy as him.

The accompanying ad, created by Under Armour and NBA 2K16, first celebrates Stephen Curry’s greatness on the court. We then see in-game Curry looking on in awe at real life Curry’s performances.

The ad is a funny take on things considering it’s a well-known fact that in-game Curry has struggled to achieve the unpredictable feats that real-life Curry has delivered. Especially not when he has been playing at such a phenomenal level all this season, hitting near-impossible shots such as this and this.

In recognition of Curry’s recent MVP win, NBA 2K16‘s programmers modified its game settings.

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Beginning 6pm Eastern Time on Thursday, May 12th, players will be able to download a roster that maxes out Curry’s stats to 99 for 30 hours. The 99 rating is the best ever for any player in NBA 2K16.

For those 30 hours, Curry’s video game counterpart will be putting in a better performance and scoring crazy shots from beyond the arc.

To the Curry haters: Steer clear of the game till the 30 hours are over.

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