#SaveNelly to Help Him Pay off His Debts

#SaveNelly to Help Him Pay off His Debts

What do you do when Nelly, who’s gifted the world with hit songs like “Hot in Herre” and “Ride Wit Me”, gets into money troubles? You help him out, of course.


Nelly’s financial woes (he owes US$2.4 million in taxes) have prompted his fans to stand up for the artist and stream his music to help repay his debt.

Spin got the ball rolling by shedding light on the singer’s situation and rallying fans to stream his music on Spotify, using the royalties earned to cover his finances.

According to Spotify, each stream earns an artist between US$0.006 to US$0.0084, and assuming Nelly’s getting the bare minimum, a total of 402,880,500 streams would pull him out of debt.

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Fans of the singer have responded with a show of force, banding together and spreading the word via #SaveNelly and #HotInHerreListeningParty to get others on board with this unconventional fundraising method.

It seems like a massive task to undertake, but collectively, it should pose no challenge. Just keep Nelly’s songs on loop and know that you’re making a difference for the artist who fell on hard times.

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