New Balance Gentleman’s Pack

Sneakers from the New Balance Gentleman’s Pack ensure that even the most rugged sneakerhead can go from dirty to dapper in mere seconds.

Who said sneakerheads aren’t gentlemen has clearly not seen the New Balance Gentleman’s Pack. The collection consists of two sneakers that come in brown and tan colorways and reflects an elegant and timeless approach to luxury and style. Utilizing the classic 1500 silhouette and handcrafted with premium leather at New Balance’s legendary Flimby factory, the New Balance Gentleman’s Pack exemplifies the refined aesthetics of the man’s man.

Additionally, Pantherella, one of the world’s finest sock manufacturers since 1937, has come up with two limited edition exclusive sock designs, one for each sneaker colorway in the New Balance Gentleman’s Pack. These socks come free with purchase of sneakers from the New Balance Gentleman’s Pack, while stocks last.

The New Balance Gentleman’s Pack retails at S$289 and will be available at New Balance Experience Stores, Leftfoot, Limited Edt and Sole Central from December 11th.

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