New Fall/Winter Colorways for Adidas adiZero Primeknit 2.0

New Fall/Winter Colorways for Adidas adiZero Primeknit 2.0

German sportswear giant Adidas releases the updated adiZero Primeknit in six new colorways for the Fall/Winter season. 

The updated model, known simply as the adiZero Primeknit 2.0, is set to replicate the sold-out success of the original Primeknit released over the Spring/Summer period.

What sets the Primeknit 2.0 apart from typical running shoes is a new seamless engineering technology. While other running shoes are constructed from several different pieces and stitched or glued together, the entire upper of the Primeknit 2.0 is digitally knitted together, forming one single piece.

Knitting fused yarn fine-tunes the exact amount of flexibility and support needed in every part of the shoe and eliminates the need for a lining or reinforcements. Fused yarn is strong and the distinct grid patterns in which it is digitally knitted in provides ventilation. Fewer materials used in the shoe’s construction means less waste.

James Carnes, Head of Design for Sport Performance, Adidas, said, “This revolutionary design will forever change the way we engineer shoes, combining both premium innovation and maximum performance benefits.”

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Wearers can expect the adiZero Primeknit to be a lightweight and comfortable running shoe that seamlessly wraps around the foot. As an added bonus, two exclusive colorways (as pictured) are now available at IRUN only. Stocks are limited and these shoes will sell like hotcakes, so grab your pair today.

Primeknit is now available at IRUN, located at Queensway Shopping Centre #01-04. Prices start from SGD$239.

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