“Art Seen & Herd!” Exhibition: Street Artists Go Wild for the Night

“Art Seen & Herd!” Exhibition: Street Artists Go Wild for the Night

Check out the artworks by Singapore street artists ClogTwo, The Killer Gerbil, Mindflyer and SKL0, inspired by endangered animals, at the “Art Seen & Herd!” exhibition at Night Safari.

By Kim Hana
Photos by Marc Tan

To raise awareness about poaching and dwindling wildlife population, the Night Safari has launched an Art Seen & Herd! exhibition showcasing four artworks from four Singapore street artists, each inspired by an endangered animal.

The four artists commissioned for the campaign are ClogTwo (Eman Jeman), The Killer Gerbil (Luthfi Mustafah), Mindflyer (Michael Ng) and SKL0 (Samantha Lo). Each was assigned an animal to feature in their artwork, they are the Indian rhino, Asian elephant, Asiatic black bear, and the Malayan tiger, respectively.

Animals featured in the exhibition are often hunted and farmed for the purpose of traditional medicine despite the availability of synthetic substitutes. There is also no evidence of the efficacy of these treatments.

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Visit Art Seen & Herd! from now till 1 June 2013 at Night Safari’s entrance plaza. To make your journey’s worth, Night Safari is offering a 50% discount on admission after 9pm from 1 June to 31 August 2013.

You also stand a chance to win a Safari Adventurer Tour when you take part in Night Safari’s Instagram contest. More details here.

Do your part for wildlife convservation, animal prints are fine, animal poaching is not!

For more on what’s happening at Night Safari, visit www.nightsafari.com.sg


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