The Nike Air Force 1 Mid to Come in Seven Colorways

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid to Come in Seven Colorways

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid will be released throughout the summer of 2017.

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid, inspired by military fashion, will drop throughout Summer 2017.

The sneakers will feature buckled cross straps and double zippers on its heels. To add to the combat military look, the Nike Air Force 1 Mid will also feature a mixture of nylon and leather on its outer, reports Sneaker Bar Detroit.

The silhouette’s model description also feature on the shoe buckles (picture below). The words “Winterized Issue Footwear” can be seen on the first line.



Photo: Sneaker Bar Detroit

The shoes will come in seven different colorways: Black/Gum, Orange, Dark Grey, Ivory/Red, Mushroom, Ivory/Neutral Olive as well as an All-White version made by Merino wool company, IBEX.

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No firm dates have been unveiled just yet, but we do know the shoes drop from Summer 2017 onwards – i.e., anytime between June 21 and September 23. Keep your eyes peeled.


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